mardi 28 juin 2011


This was a class project, it was the first time i made a video.

It felt really good to accomplish something nice :)

samedi 26 mars 2011

West Coast

I've been on a little trip to St' Francisco with my partents on Spring Break.

It's a bioutifoul City! If only it were a little closer to Montreal and Europe...

Here are a couple of pictures i took :)

jeudi 13 janvier 2011


I have been playing tourist around town a little :) It's a little gray, but that's how Montreal is after the festivities. We have the Igloofest and the lights festivals comming up, and then all we can do is wait for the spring. Half-way there mates!
I have been inspired by Boogie who is not in Bangkok, playing REAL tourist. I'm incredibly jealous.


Is the democracy we live in today inefficient?

I don't know much about politics but when someone tries to explain to me the political agenda of any politician, I find things I approve and others I disapprove. Maybe it is one of the many reasons I still can not decide: Am I a democrat, a republican, a conservative, a liberal, right or left, bottom or up? 

And what's the use anyways? You can see for yourself that since in the past people have taken over countries completely legally (*cough* Hitler) the system has made it extremely difficult to pass ANY kind of law without the senate, the house of representative etc agreeing. 

Any kind of change, even if it's what almost everybody wants, is very difficult to make. ( Repealing of don't ask don't tell in USA? )

Democracy is good, but democracies can be different can't they? What if we voted for specific law projects, and not a person that promised us certain changes that we are not likely to get anyways? What if I want taxes raised but i am for the don't ask don't tell policy? do I vote republican or democrat? 

But this idea is not likely to work because guess who would have to vote for it to happen: the state! and they are the first not to want that, not depending in any ways in what party they are in. I would not want to loose a nice job like that!

I was just saying... making mini-referendums all the time could be better for people that did not pick a definite side. You don't need to know much about the political program and less political bulsh*ting would be involved....i guess. Politics should not be about picking the better option of the two. (I know, there is a lot of parties, but everyone know it is always between the two bigest)

mercredi 12 janvier 2011