mercredi 15 décembre 2010

This is the "fat ballerina"
I drew her when I was 6 years old, and haven't been able to draw anything better since,
All ballerinas where skinny and I thought it was kind of unfair for fatter people, It's discrimination!
The ideas you get when you are a child... :)

Where does the creativity of a child goes? How do we do to keep it?

vendredi 10 décembre 2010


This is a video, with music by CharlieIsSoCoolLike and the animation by Ed Stockham. They are both around 20 years old and are supper talented, you should check out their YouTube channels. It is amazing how when young people are passionate about something they can make unbelievable stuff.
Good lord i feel old speaking like that! They are older then me!
The thing is i've been looking for a passion for quite a while now and i dream of being able to do stuff like that.
Maybe i will try to do a little animation or stop-motion during the winter break if i have the time :)
Anyways enjoy the song it is absurd but that's why we like it!

mardi 7 décembre 2010

Mes photos preferees

It's pictures i made while traveling. A little cliche but i really find them awesome :)

maybe i'm not the only one?

samedi 4 décembre 2010

Montréal - Plateau Mont-Royal

My Favorite place in Montreal :)
Go see this YouTube channel, they Project the view of Montreal I have. It is not the "historical" part of the city, they show the view the REAL city.
They also have a website:
Go check it out, it's worth it. And come visit us, you will not regret it :)

Terre de nos aieux!

Did i ever mention how much i love Canada ? 
It often makes me sad when i  hear how little the world know about this bioutifull country.
We don't even have a nice stereotype!
A guy in a red shirt that cuts wood? La police montee (police on horses)?
Not even close!

I believe it is time for a little cultural exploring!

It is cold in Canada, i agree but we have about 3-4 months of winter. It means we have seasons! Fall is awfully pretty, the color range from yellow to dark purple. Spring makes everyone so happy! I believe in florida people do not appreciate their weather. The moment there is a little sun, EVERYONE goes outside.
Those few times it rains and the rain freezes on the bare trees and makes everything look like glass are simply magical. It is orgasm for the eyes!

We Canadians are very polite. Even maybe too much. If you bump into me on the street, I will automatically say sorry. Why should i be sorry? I did not do anything wrong. But i will say sorry. Sometimes cars at intersections will get stuck waiving their hands:
-"You go first" 
-"No, YOU go first".
 We sure need trafic lights.

We are multicultural. It may be because of this abondance of cultures that we do not have a defined stereotype, identity.
 -"Where are you from?"
- "I am Canadian"
-"No, really, where are you from?"
Saying you are Canadian in Canada often makes people laugh. Like every country, we have our problems with the immigrants but I think we are doing pretty well. My closest friends are French, Chinese, Bulgarian, Russian, Indian, Egyptian...You name it!


John Stewart's rally to restore sanity? No need, we are already sane for the most part :)

Did I mention I love MONTREAL even more? But one blog post will not be enough.

My First Time

I was going home after seeing friends but i realized i had no money to pay for a ticket.
I kinda tried to pass without paying with my friend but OOH NO! we got arrested by the metro police. 
They gave the a 118$ fine to pay. Am i the only one to find that ridiculous? It is waaay too much.
And i forgot to mention they gave me a 50% discount because i am underage. 
240$ seems a little too much for this kind of thing.
And the sadest part is that i don't think i really deserve it! I did stuff that was so much stupider without any consequences even if i got caught. Say "I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN" is usually the worst thing that could happen! 
I get it it was really stupid, i don't even know why i tried to pass without paying, I should have asked my parents to come pick me up. 
 But why do they think i have money to pay for a 118$ ticket if i don't even have the money to pay for a 2$ ticket?!
But now i can say i got my first ticket :)
I don't even know how to pay for it.... and how to tell my parents.
I wonder how mad they will be :S 
I ve never really done stupid stuff (they found out about) so I don't know how they are when they are mad.
Maybe they will never find out if I am lucky enough to get the letter the "metro police" is going to send.

lundi 22 novembre 2010

Another one!

This another drawing i made :)
I never actually posted my wanabe art online so what do you think?
I know for sure i'll never stop doodeling during class :P
"research methods" can be so boring i even like staring at the ceiling better.

samedi 13 novembre 2010

Paul, le "Tintin" québécois

This is a video (in french) about one on my favourite BD artist. His name is Paul Rabagliati and he does this really nice serie of "Paul" comics. 

The drawings are nice and simple and the stories funny, light but with a nice message behind. It is a perfect example of Quebecois art and if you ever see one on his books in the library, do not hesitate take it you will not regret it. I just love them. 

I think they are translated in english since Canada is also an anglophone country :)

vendredi 12 novembre 2010

J'ai appris a scanner!

It's a drawing I made earlier in the day (everything to escape doing my English essay :P ) I photoshoped it a bit. (the backgroud colour was white) but I wish i could learn how to photoshop for real.

What do you think?

samedi 30 octobre 2010

Un Gros texte...

C’est trop tard pour être pessimistes ils dissent dans le film HOME.
Moi je dis que si ce qu’ils nous ont dit est vrai, il est trop tard pour être optimistes.
Un film qui (apparemment) vise à convaincre la population Nord-Américaine que la catastrophe écologique arrive. Le public aime ca les films de catastrophe et de complot comme 2011 ou fahrenheit 9/11. Les producteurs l’ont comprit. Mais vous pensez ils vont faire quelque chose? Apres le film les gens retournent a la maison dans leur 4x4 la conscience tranquille.
Et puis ils nous racontent comment l’homme  vivait en parfait équilibre avec la nature il y a 2000000000000 ans, critiquent la civilisation, les gratte-ciels. Et bien si il y a la giga-mega-supra catastrophe écologique qui se produit, les survivants vont revenir a ce mode de vie primitif de toute façon. Alors autant profiter de se monde confortable que l’on s est créé provisoirement tout en cherchant une solution.
Acheter équitable? Boycotter les producteurs de pétrole qui monopolisent l’économie et polluent la terre? Les riches exploitent les ressources et agrandissent le fosse entre les riches et les pauvres?
Les hommes ont su pervertir tant de choses avec des intentions nobles au début. (dont la religion). Je promet qu’ils pervertiront (et sont en train de pervertir) tout ce courent de pensée écologique.
Je n’ai rien contre l’écologie, je suis même assez d’accord, je recycle!  
L’homme a su saisir l’occasion et tourne des films « SAUVEZ LA PLANETTE » pour ce faire des revenus de fou… et oui c est pour ca qu’ils les tournent. Ils augmentent leurs chiffres de vente en écrivent « biologique » sur les choux-fleurs et « hybride » sur les 4x4.

dimanche 3 octobre 2010



Le cinema Quebecois est digne d'un peu d'attention.

Il y a pas longtemps "J'ai tue ma mere". Egocentrique le jeune homme non?

Mais plus recament il y a "Incendies" d'apres une piece de theatre. C'est sur le Liban. Lourd comme film, ca reste dans la tete un bon moment apres.

"N'oublie pas, toujours prend toujours un S."

Une ligne du film, aucun rapport avec l'histoire mais elle resone toujours dans ma tete. POURQUOI?

Did You Know 4.0

Check Your Sources.... Si comme moi vous avez cru a une grande partie de ces statistiques. Imaginez tout ce que l'on peut nous faire croire? "Un ami me l'a dit" n'est pas toujours une source sure.

samedi 2 octobre 2010


Je suis ce que l'on pourrait qualifier de noob dans la communautee blogger.

Je ne sais jamais quoi dire pour me definir.

par contre ma soeur a trouve, apparament je suis Hipster.

(hip-stur) n. A young white, upper-middle class suburban transplant to any gentrifying neighborhood in any major city. Disheveled, hand-me-down appearance to present the image that they are not a slave to trends or fashions(ha!) They typically wear thick, Andy Warhol-like glasses (whether they need them or not), unshaven, unkept shaggy hair and retro Converse sneakers sometimes with no laces. The term is often used as a pejorative considering a "hipster" detests being called a "hipster."

Tout ne me represente pas tout a fait mais pour le moment j imagine ca vous donne un idee. (SVP ne m imaginez pas comme une hippie sortie de la foret, je me font parfaitement dans la societee occidentale traditionelle avent que je n'ouvre la bouche)

Bon, j'arrete avec l'ego-centrisme.

Il faudrait que je commence a ecrire. Reste a savoir quoi.

samedi 21 août 2010

Bien le bonjour!

Je viens de demenager de chez skyblog, j'aimais bien avent mais avec le temps, les blogs d'ados egocentriques et les fans clubs de Justin Bieber ... on s'en lasse.

Des photos de moi dans le miroir (les levres et les seins en valeurs pour les filles et sans chandail pour les gars)

Des textes copies-colles des Spam que tout le monde recois par e-mail

Des photos de stars d'Hollywood avec des coeurs photoshoppes. des messages suicidaires.

Allez! il y a tellement de choses interesantes dans le monde!!! regardez autours de vous!!!