samedi 4 décembre 2010

My First Time

I was going home after seeing friends but i realized i had no money to pay for a ticket.
I kinda tried to pass without paying with my friend but OOH NO! we got arrested by the metro police. 
They gave the a 118$ fine to pay. Am i the only one to find that ridiculous? It is waaay too much.
And i forgot to mention they gave me a 50% discount because i am underage. 
240$ seems a little too much for this kind of thing.
And the sadest part is that i don't think i really deserve it! I did stuff that was so much stupider without any consequences even if i got caught. Say "I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN" is usually the worst thing that could happen! 
I get it it was really stupid, i don't even know why i tried to pass without paying, I should have asked my parents to come pick me up. 
 But why do they think i have money to pay for a 118$ ticket if i don't even have the money to pay for a 2$ ticket?!
But now i can say i got my first ticket :)
I don't even know how to pay for it.... and how to tell my parents.
I wonder how mad they will be :S 
I ve never really done stupid stuff (they found out about) so I don't know how they are when they are mad.
Maybe they will never find out if I am lucky enough to get the letter the "metro police" is going to send.

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