samedi 4 décembre 2010

Terre de nos aieux!

Did i ever mention how much i love Canada ? 
It often makes me sad when i  hear how little the world know about this bioutifull country.
We don't even have a nice stereotype!
A guy in a red shirt that cuts wood? La police montee (police on horses)?
Not even close!

I believe it is time for a little cultural exploring!

It is cold in Canada, i agree but we have about 3-4 months of winter. It means we have seasons! Fall is awfully pretty, the color range from yellow to dark purple. Spring makes everyone so happy! I believe in florida people do not appreciate their weather. The moment there is a little sun, EVERYONE goes outside.
Those few times it rains and the rain freezes on the bare trees and makes everything look like glass are simply magical. It is orgasm for the eyes!

We Canadians are very polite. Even maybe too much. If you bump into me on the street, I will automatically say sorry. Why should i be sorry? I did not do anything wrong. But i will say sorry. Sometimes cars at intersections will get stuck waiving their hands:
-"You go first" 
-"No, YOU go first".
 We sure need trafic lights.

We are multicultural. It may be because of this abondance of cultures that we do not have a defined stereotype, identity.
 -"Where are you from?"
- "I am Canadian"
-"No, really, where are you from?"
Saying you are Canadian in Canada often makes people laugh. Like every country, we have our problems with the immigrants but I think we are doing pretty well. My closest friends are French, Chinese, Bulgarian, Russian, Indian, Egyptian...You name it!


John Stewart's rally to restore sanity? No need, we are already sane for the most part :)

Did I mention I love MONTREAL even more? But one blog post will not be enough.

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